This innovative leadership development course is designed for current and emerging leaders who work with park and protected area systems.

Leaders in park systems protect priceless public trusts and need to make thoughtful, innovative and ethical decisions.

Peter Drucker described management as doing things right and leadership as doing the right things.

Work in park systems is remarkably complex. Leaders deal with interconnected human, social, cultural, political, historical, financial and biophysical systems.

Since 2005, this course has pioneered a focus on leadership and learning for complex environments, and for the development of leaders in all levels and branches of each organization.

Leadership focuses on the future. Effective leaders will help to ensure parks play vital roles in the health and wellness of our social and natural ecosystems.

The course spans seven+ weeks: six to eight weeks part time online and six intense days face-to-face. Participants complete an evaluation survey after returning to their workplaces.  More detail about 2016 will be posted shortly

The Park System Leadership course enables learning in forums where current and future leaders can share knowledge across space and time.

World Cafe Across Continents

World Cafe Across Continents

The innovative design incorporates problem-based learning, social learning, and a an agile design to respond to current issues and participant needs.